Catalano - Italy

Quality is taken as a moral commitment in every stage of the manufacturing process
The full potential of our production machines is used with the utmost efficiency and respecting the environment Catalano’s industrial plants are distinguished by a very high degree of automation; molding, finishing and handling operations are carried out with the latest-generation robotic systems. All processes lay on a productive logistics aimed to the maximum savings of energy and resources.


New glaze
A total innovation in the world of ceramics: a special glaze that makes it unassailable and unalterable, blending at 1250° with the ceramics itself. This revolutionary glazing system creates an immediately noticeable difference with traditionally treated surfaces. Cataglaze is a total bacteria-proof barrier. By creating a perfectly smooth and flat surface, it eliminates the micro-depressions of ceramics and does not allow dirt to stick on.


CWE Catalano Water Efficiency. A new label meaning water saving, easy cleaning and high-performance manufacturing process of Catalano’s production.
Catalano WCs, in accordance with CWE mark, are able to flush with very low water volumes. The exstensively research on surfaces continuity and the use of new nanotechnological glazes – also applied on hidden areas - avoid the stagnations of water and make the cleaning easier, while reducing the use of water and detergents. Water-saving is the guiding code followed throughout the manufacturing process of Catalano’s production.