Treesse - Bathtubs



Gruppo Treesse has carved out a place at the top of the Italian bathtub sector, alongside the leading international brands. This prestigious standing has been attained through significant investments in research and development, backed up by stringent quality control procedures: before reaching the market, each piece is subjected to a meticulous final inspection.A key role in innovation is played by the materials we use to craft our products:Crystaltech and special resins, for instance, which help us create shapes and objects that would be impossible to achieve using traditional plastics.


This has led to the registration of successful international patents for technology used in some Gruppo Treesse bathtubs: Ghost System,which hides the spa nozzles, leaving only a magical, innovative line of light, and MyTherme System, a high-tech concept that recreates the delightful feeling of a natural hot spring in your home bathtub.